What is Acronis Cyber Files Cloud?

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides functions to securely access, sync and share files to office and mobile users in an easy-to-use, comprehensive and secure hosted cloud solution.

Essential features

The tightest security and controls in the industry

  • Provides secure methods for users to share content with any device

  • Encryption in transit and on device, including FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for iOS

  • Provides user controls for working with files and folders and sharing them

  • Provides a large enterprise-level audit trail for managing users, applications, and data

Advanced functionality to improve mobile employee productivity

  • Supports your and your customers' workloads and data sources

  • Offers hosting on your private cloud, on the Acronis Cloud platform, or on a range of hybrid models

  • Offers highly flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models with no initial investment

  • Easily scale to support millions of end-user customers

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