What is Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud?

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud is an easy-to-use, ready-to-use self-service solution that runs on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud .

You can protect your clients’ workloads by instantly accelerating IT systems at the cloud-managed recovery site and recovering them to similar or different hardware.

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud simplifies management and customization

  • Backup-based replication.

    Backup-based replication. Benefit from the perfect combination of short recovery times and much lower costs.

  • Disaster recovery with runbooks

    Disaster recovery with runbooks Automate essential disaster recovery scenarios. Similarly, ensure that the systems will recover in the correct order to resolve interdependencies between applications.

  • Instant external failover.

    Get back to business in just minutes in the event of a facility power outage. Move production workloads to teams in a cloud data center.

  • Automated testing.

    Verify the integrity of your disaster recovery plans by running runbooks in test mode through the web console and isolating the tests from the production network.

  • Cloud servers for application-level replication

    Add virtual machines in the cloud to host replicas of your applications with built-in replication technology.

  • Easy extension of local networks to the recovery site.

    Extend your network to the recovery site. Our virtual VPN appliance makes it easy.

  • All-in-one cyber protection solution

    End-to-end data protection across the enterprise that protects data and systems in any environment - physical, virtual, on-premises, or in the cloud.

  • Support for encrypted backups

    Stay safe with advanced backup and endpoint ransomware protection, data encryption, network-based login restrictions, and more.

  • Deployment option without VPN

    Onboard customers and conduct proof of concept (POC) quickly and easily with the new 'cloud only' deployment option.

Watch a short introductory video about our DRaaS solution for service providers

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