Back up anything, anywhere, anytime

How do I get started?

One of the most comfortable and secure options is to have a backup for companies that is stored in the cloud.

The information is automatically saved every day and is encrypted, in this way users can access the backups quickly and without the risk of loss of information.

Choose Acronis for your business

Acronis protects any environment, cloud, hybrid or on-premises, for a low and predictable price.

Learn more about how to make your backups.


Acronis Cyber Protect is the only solution that natively integrates cybersecurity, management, and data protection to protect endpoints, systems, and data. Integration and automation provide unsurpassed protection, increasing productivity while reducing total cost of ownership.

Consola de Acronis

Just what you are looking for to keep your company information safe.

  • Acronis Active Protection: Stops Malware and Ransomware with Award-Winning AI-Based Anti-Ransomware Technology
  • #CyberFit Score: Evaluates a number of security parameters and offers recommendations on how to improve overall security.
  • Antivirus and antimalware protection: Detects files based on cloud-based signature and analyzes files based on AI.
  • Vulnerability assessments: Scans computers to make sure all applications and operating systems are up to date.
Gestión de protección cibernética
  • Dashboard and reports: Visualize in a way the important information of your company.
  • Desktop and remote assistance: Provides secure remote access to computers to facilitate telecommuting or technical assistance.
  • Hardware Inventory: Save time and effort with a fully up-to-date hardware inventory.
  • Centralized plan management: Make administrative work easier with the ability to manage multiple workloads and centralized protection plans.
Prevención de pérdida de datos
  • Device control: Strengthen data security and prevent confidential information leaks through local channels.

Principales características de pago por uso :

  • Workstations, Servers (Windows, Linux, Mac) backup
  • Virtual machine backup
  • File backup
  • Image backup
  • Standard applications backup (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL)
  • Network shares backup
  • Backup to local storage
  • Backup to cloud storage
Disaster Recovery
  • Test failover in isolated network environment*
  • Cloud-only VPN Connection
File Sync and Share
  • File Sync and Share functionality
  • Notarization and e-signature

Protect your entire company

Servidor Acronis


Maquina Virtual Acronis

Virtual Machine

Licencia para Workstation de Acronis


Acronis Office 365 Seats license

Microsoft 365

Acronis mobile license


Acronis license for Cyber Protect Cloud websites

Web sites

Your company's safety comes first

  • Single agent Increase performance and avoid endpoint / agent conflicts
  • Single license Simplify software license management
  • Single provider Ensures seamless and fully integrated protection
  • Single backend Reduce infrastructure needs
  • Single console Enables faster employee onboarding and retention
  • A single experience Simplify IT resource training
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