Our comprehensive solution of managed services of information technology allows you to manage all your infrastructure, and ensures you a continuous, optimal and safe operation. Our managed program is an ideal solution for your company that demands the best for the reliability of your network and a quality service.

Program Benefits

Preventative maintenance is the key to having a system that offers years of trouble-free service. A well-managed preventative maintenance program pays for itself by reducing problems, data loss, component failures, and giving the system a long-term life.

If the equipment is malfunctions, corrective maintenance is necessary to recover normal operation. A good understanding of the system and a prompt response, along with the efficient techniques and tools to correct failures, reduce lost time, decrease errors and save money.

Optionally, Outsourcing services are offered for the administration and support tasks of the networks and systems by qualified personnel.

Managed Services Program

With sophisticated features such as patch management, software deployment, remote control, service monitoring, computer inventory, audit and reporting, you can help automate your daily IT tasks. From simple single-location networks to complex networks in multiple locations with firewalls, NAT, local and remote servers, and workstations and laptops out of the office, the agent1 can be deployed quickly, efficiently and effectively.

  • Inventory of hardware and software and complete audits.
  • Fully automated patch handling and upgrades.
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks such as system defragmentation.
  • Scripting for system management and deployment of easy-to-use, powerful and comprehensive software.
  • System monitoring and network alerts and Windows events.
  • Remote Control, chat, secure file transfer.
  • Desk (Service Desk) and ticket system with management reports.

1 A monitoring agent is required to be installed ON each PC. Compatible with Windows 7 and 10, Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019.

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